WESTA-Front-Mounted Rotary Snow Plow and Thrower

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The WESTA-rotary snow plow, Type 650 / 4400, is a 2-speed rotary snow plow and thrower for efficiently moving snow and loading snow onto vehicles as part of slope snow management.

Snow is lifted by a slowing turning plow cylinder measuring 4400 mm in width, shredded and fed in metered fashion to 2 fast-rotating ejection wheels. This configuration achieves a throwing distance of over 40 meters as required in slope snow management. This machine can be used in all types of snow.

The WESTA rotary snow plow, Type 650 / 4400 pr, is suitable for shifting new snow, wet snow, old snow as well as icy snow.


The rotary plow and thrower is attached to the slope vehicle’s pusher frame instead of the front-mounted clearing blade. All control functions of the 12-way blade are used for controlling the hydraulic functions of the rotary snow plow. Power for raising / lowering, swiveling, cross-tilting and cutting-angle adjustment is provided by the pusher-frame cylinders. The functions for adjusting the side wings on the clearing blade are used for turning the chute and adjusting the flap on the rotary snow plow. An electrically operated pushbutton switches over between the chute-turning and flap-adjustment functions.


The rotary snow plow is driven hydrostatically by means of the vehicle’s hydraulics. The two ejection wheels are each driven by an A2FM 80 hydromatic motor. The plow cylinders are driven by 2 bevel and reduction gear units powered by the ejection wheels.

Overload Protection:

The automatic overload clutch is a particular feature of WESTA 650-type rotary snow plows and throwers. A cam-actuated clutch is fitted between the ejection wheels and the bevel gear units for the plow cylinder. This interrupts propulsion if the snow-plow cylinder is overloaded, e.g. as a result of catching a large foreign object. In this event, the thrower wheels continue to turn and empty the ejection shaft so as to prevent any blockages. To avoid wear, this drive hydraulics should be shut down as quickly as possible. The clutch now reengages automatically. After removing the foreign object, plowing can continue.

Ejection chute:

Each of the hydraulically operated ejection chutes can be turned through 220 °. Any throwing direction can be selected in this range. The hydraulically operated flap on each ejection chute can be used for infinitely adjusting throwing distance. The ejection parabola can also be manually adjusted at a setting bar on the chute.

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