The weather, a part of our lives…

Weather is an integral part of our lives.

Weather is not something to be taken lightly or cheaply.

In most cases, recognizing the importance of a reliable weather service can produce positive results and help avoid negative consequences.

An accurate weather forecast is not simply a subject of conversation or a mere wish: it’s a tool toward a more efficient operation, an improvement in productivity, a safer trip or creating up a better tomorrow.

At Telemet, we are proud of our relationship since 1988 with AccuWeather, Inc., developing the international market. Why? Because we have accomplished our main goal: to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

With total commitment toward providing the best service available, the Telemet/AccuWeather® team has changed the way that entire societies use and take advantage of the very best weather forecasting anywhere in the world. Dr. Joel Myers, founder and president of AccuWeather®, started achieving this more than forty years ago in North America. Telemet took these tools and expanded the vision into the international market.

Over five hundred team members, more than ninety meteorologists, specialists in such areas such as data acquisition & processing, systems operations, programming, newspaper & Internet graphic design, TV graphic systems, broadcasting, technical support, sales, and marketing are providing products and services for more than 75,000 paid clients, worldwide.

If your need is a simple automated forecast or one made by the most experienced international meteorologists, you will find that our principals of consistency, reliability and total dedication toward our customers is unsurpassed, and all this for a fair fee.

Telemet/AccuWeather®: any place on Earth, we are the World’s Weather Leader.

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