There are weather graphics companies. There are weather forecasting firms. There are electronic weather data services. Only one company does it all. Only one company provides total weather with incomparable scientific data and proprietary methods that have pioneered a gamut of services geared for the television industry. This is not an exclusive club any station can enjoy a number of these products  meet AccuWeather® and our television broadcast solutions.

Top Rated Weather Graphic Systems

CinemaLive HD™ Weather Display System
The CinemaLive HD™ Weather Display System from AccuWeather® by TELEMET delivers unmatched cinema-quality weather and traffic graphics by combining the most realistic 3D virtual sets and scenes with a live-on-everylevel architecture and the best integrated meteorological tools and coaches. At the heart of CinemaLive HD is a state-of-the-art graphics engine from Brainstorm Multimedia. This powerful software is already in use on air worldwide by ESPN, NBC, CNBC, BBC, the NASDAQ® MarketSite video wall in Times Square, and many others.

Weather Broadcasts

Available in English and Spanish, WeatherTeam™ is a complete, customized turnkey weather show, delivered via satellite or Internet, and available whenever you want it. Each show is fully localized and customized with the precise content, look and length you specify to ensure viewer interest and high salability. Every presentation includes the most accurate local forecasts, plus audience-grabbing animations and lively presentations by top broadcast meteorologists. WeatherTeam™ is the easiest and most affordable path to expand your programming and create an additional profit center that draws viewers and attracts advertising revenue. In some markets, the promotable power of the AccuWeather® brand is also available.

WeatherTeam Live™
Let a top AccuWeather® broadcast meteorologist interactively deliver the severe weather story within your newscast. Use this live weather feed during hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards or other severe weather stories to show viewers accurate, customized weather reports. This bulletin-type immediacy makes your station the leader in covering severe weather, with or without the AccuWeather® name.

Stand-Alone Local Channel of Weather

Local Cable Weather™
Solidify your reputation as the top weather source in your market with continuous local weather on its own channel. Give viewers the local weather they want quickly and accurately. This fully automated, turn-key system pays for itself with avails and sponsored graphics.

Custom Weather Content For Your Web Site

AccuNet™ On-Line Services
Surveys show weather is the most popular news item on the Internet. Join thousands of Internet sites including Fox, The New York Times, Repsol-YPF, Terra and many more, know AccuWeather’s complete content service sends loyal users from their Web sites to their broadcasts. Get up-to-the-minute weather information including 15-day forecasts for 3 million cities, radar and satellite images, customized graphics and the most complete local weather.

Severe Weather Warning Systems

FirstWarn Neighborhood NEXRAD™
Local. Customized. Unique. The best storm tracker on the market. This fully interactive, street-level radar shows your viewers the path of severe weather. Track and time each storm on high-resolution maps to see how it will affect local neighborhoods.

FirstWarn™ 2000/3000
Immediately run bulletins of local severe weather on air with this flexible system. Choose from a variety of crawl display options and customized color-coded maps, radars and station or sponsor logo displays. Strong product name recognition will increase viewership with the highly promotable FirstWarn™ name.

Be the first to know of local severe weather with official National Weather Service watches, warnings and advisories sent instantly to your pager. Get immediate notification of severe weather bulletins wherever you are, on the road or on your set, to immediately provide your viewers with life-saving information. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

The AccuWeather® Power

The Exclusive AccuWeather Franchise™
The Exclusive AccuWeather Franchise™ is a proven, market-exclusive promotional program that has propelled stations to Number One ratings and news dominance, time and time again, for 50 years. One of two market exclusive AccuWeather® products, own accuracy in your market with the most promotable name in weather. Studies show the market-exclusive AccuWeather Franchise™ is the key to the most successful newscasts. Learn the secret to increased ratings and guarantee your viewers the most pinpointed and local forecast available from any source.

Weather Services