The Svf Series (variable flow) raises the bar for low energy air/water snowmaking technology. The multi-chambered, completely modular Tower utilizes our Patented double valve configuration with our most advanced variable flow snowgun nozzle designs. This modular design allows for easy future technology upgrades and simplifies snowgun maintenance and repairs. The rugged and unique frost-free valve design allows for the operator to achieve four levels of water flow making the tower capable of a smooth transition from low flow, high temperature performance to high flow, low temperature production without the need for changing nozzles. This versatility makes the Svf Series ideal for your highest priority terrain.

The SX6400 is specifically designed to project snow with pinpoint accuracy. Its focused, directional throw makes the SX6400 ideal for narrow slopes, real estate access and Nordic trail applications. The ability to valve the back two nozzles individually gives you the flexibility to maximize the operation of the SX6400 at a variety of temperatures without shutting down to change nozzles.

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