The Sff Series (fixed flow) of low energy snowmaking products offered by HKD Snowmakers are affordable, durable and easy to operate. The Sff Series harnesses the same multi-chambered, modular delivery system as its valvable counterpart to deliver cost effective snow anywhere at your resort. The modular construction allows for easy upgrades to our valvable Series as well as future technological advances — enjoy the peace of mind that your investment can grow and change with the needs of the ski area. The rugged Sff Series is easy to operate, maintain and repair. The versatility, simplicity, durability and low cost makes the Sff Series ideal for just about any snowmaking application at your resort.

The SX4400 is specifically designed to project snow with pinpoint accuracy. Its focused, directional throw makes the SX4400 ideal for narrow slopes, real estate access and Nordic trail applications. Essentially, the SX4400 incorporates all of the advantages of the SV4400 with a very controlled deposition area.

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