Super Blizzard

We have taken portable, self contained snowmaking to the extreme with the new Super Blizzard. This machine is for the serious snowmaker with a real job to do! The Super Blizzard uses the patented “HKD” snowmaking technology developed by Snow Economics, Inc. and used by ski resorts around the world. These resorts rely on our technology to get open and to maintain a quality snow surface on their trails throughout the winter. So why not have that same reliability and capacity for your snowmaking needs!

The Super Blizzard can make snow at the rate of 35 Gallons per minute (GPM) and can pull water from a pond, lake or river, or take water from a fire hydrant. Components include two Electric motors 480 V/3 phase (or 600 V) which drive the water pump and air compressor. All components are designed for the long haul, capable of running uninterrupted for days at a time. The machine is efficiently laid out in the protected environment of a 6′ x 10′ enclosed trailer, road ready with ball hitch. This allows for easy transport to and from the action. Also included is the snowgun and aluminum sled as well as all hoses to connect to your water source and then to connect to the snowgun.

HKD / Snow Economics