Street cleaning


SCHMIDT has the broadest range of sweeper technology products world-wide.

Compact sweepers

The strong points of the compact sweepers are their compact design, environment-friendly technology and the excellent sweeping job they do.

Attachable sweepers

Attachable sweepers can be mounted both quickly and interchangeably – at front or rear – onto utility vehicles, trucks, tractors and other vehicles.

Towed sweepers

The powerful towed sweepers are unbeatable in their cleaning capacity, even when dealing with extremes of dirt.

Mounted sweepers

The special sweeping technology of the mounted sweepers ensure rapid and high performance cleaning operations over long distances.

De-mountable sweepers

De-mountable sweepers were specially developed for cost-effective use of the UNIMOG.

Street washers

City jet 6000

The CITY JET 6000 street washer has a water tank capacity of 6,400 liters.

The CITY JET 6000 carries out all the tasks required of a street washer but simultaneously has the advantages of a light and very maneuverable compact vehicle.

Whether it is cleaning up operations after a market, sluicing off large squares or avoiding obstructions on the road and getting into winding alleys, the CITY JET 6000 is equally suitable.

Sand cutter blowers

Santera 3000

The SANTERA 3000 was specially developed for the removal of sand which has drifted onto roads.

The SANTERA 3000 was specially developed for sand clearing operations.

The mounted sand cutter blower is so robustly built that it is guaranteed a long working life even in extreme operating conditions in sand. Particular materials such as Hardox steel, bearings impermeable to sand and labyrinth boxes (seals) reduce the wear to a minimum.