Kodiak Northwest is a leading custom manufacturer of all types of snow removal equipment.

Double engine snow blower, rear discharge

Kodiak Northwest’s double engine snow blowers are the toughest in the industry. Only the newest most up to date components are used.

Double engine snow blower, front discharge

Kodiak Northwest’s double engine snow blowers are the toughest in the industry. Only the newest most up to date components are used. The two-stage blower head incorporates a carrier drive load sensing and head float option.

Single engine, snow blower full hydrostatic

Kodiak Northwest offers the full hydrostatic model snow blower. Both the chassis and the blower head are powered by hydrostatic components. The blower head is a two-stage infinitely variable and reversible hydrostatic drive.

Single engine, cab rear, front discharge

Kodiak Northwest’s single engine snow blower mechanically powers the blower head through a reversing transmission and drives the chassis with a six speed power-shift hydrostatic transmission.

Hydrostatic loader mounted snow blower

Kodiak Northwest offers the option of an hydrostatic loader mounted snow blower as well as a mechanical model.

Split-packaged loader mounted snow blowers

In the split-package configuration the engine is mounted on the rear of the loader. The weight is distributed more evenly.

Mechanical loader mounted snow blower

Kodiak Northwest has a wide spectrum of available Loader Mounted Self-Contained Mechanical Drive Snow Blowers.

Push plows

Kodiak Northwest builds Loader Mounted Reversible Push Plows up to 20 feet. These units mount in place of the bucket on wheel loaders.

Agricultural tractor snow blowers

Kodiak Northwest is a representative for all SCHULTE Snow Removal Equipment. Snow Blowers for Skid Steer Loaders, Front Mounted Tractors and Rear 3-point hitch Snow Blowers are available.

Multi-purpose units

Kodiak Northwest’s multi-purpose unit allow one chassis to serve as the prime mover for a push plow, snowblower and runway broom.

Dump truck runway sweeper broom

A lower cost option for a runway sweeper is to mount the sweeper on the front of an already existing truck. The auxiliary engine is mounted on a skid and can be loaded in and out of the dump bed as required.

Runway sweeper brooms, double engine

Kodiak Runway Sweepers combine the proven technology of center or end driven broom design with the same chassis that powers the double engine snow blowers.

Single engine, cab forward, rear discharge

Kodiak single engine cab-forward designs are ideally suited for runway and taxi way snow removal. The operator’s visibility is excellent and the snow discharge is behind the cab.

Runway rubber removal unit

Airports throughout the world are plagued by the inevitable build up of rubber which is deposited from the tyres of landing aircraft.

Rail way snow blower

Kodiak manufacturers snow removal equipment for mounting on locomotives and also self-contain snow blowers, rail way and switch sweepers and switch cleaning air blast systems.

Kodiak railway snow renoval

Kodiak is the industry leader for rail road snow clearing including, large, locomotive mounted equipment for clearing deep drifts and avalanches.