Aebi Schmidt

Cleaning and protecting your environment.

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SANTERA 3000, a new AEBI-Schmidt

The SANTERA 3000 was specially developed for sand clearing operations. A mounted sand cutter blower, so robustly built that it is guaranteed a long working life even in extreme operating conditions in sand. Particular materials such as Hardox steel, bearings impermeable to sand and labyrinth boxes (seals) reduce the wear to a minimum.

Multipurpose Transporter

A pioneering concept. Carrying loads instead of pulling them. This principle is more relevant than ever and speaks unambiguously in favor of Transporters. Because in comparison with a combination of towing vehicle (tractor) and trailer, the Transporter is simply more compact and better able to cope with sloping terrain and hill-climbing.

Municipal vehicle attachments

The Schmidt range of municipal vehicle attachments is the ideal complement for municipal utility vehicles because of its ease of assembly and high efficiency.