Ski Areas

Telemet, Inc. has been working closely with AccuWeather® since 1988 to provide weather information and services to all ski areas of the world.

Thanks to our different Divisions, our long-standing commitment to ski area services and our partnership with strategic companies, Telemet, Inc. reunites a unique combination of expertise in snowmaking, snowgrooming, and ski areas management in which Weather is a key element to run a smooth and efficient operation.

Being AccuWeather® our partner since 1988, allows us to provide premium services to ski areas around the world, offering weather service packages that cover all the information needed.

Our AccuWeather® by Telemet service includes:

  • All of the information your ski area needs to operate efficiently, available in one package, at a price that may surprise you!
  • The most accurate and detailed forecast available from any source in the world, tailored to your mountain.
  • The ultimate in planning for snowmaking, grooming, and all other ski area operations.
  • Can save you dozens of thousands of dollars annually in preventive planning, for less investment than you probably think.
  • Includes 24 hour a day consultation with the world’s finest meteorologists.
  • Forecasts transmitted by fax, e-mail, and internet or direct call.
  • AccuWeather® watches the weather for you….. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • No more guessing, no more combining information from different sources to patch together a forecast.

With the ski area package from AccuWeather® by Telemet, your ski area will be provided with a new, upgraded ski area form which includes assorted weather information. This form has been designed specifically with ski area operators in mind, and since members of Telemet’s team have spent long hours on the mountain making and grooming snow, they have plenty of experience with the type of information that can be most useful. The information provided by AccuWeather® is of the highest quality and accuracy. In the last fifteen years AccuWeather® has twice tripled its client base, and provides weather services all over the world to numerous broadcasting entities and many other industries. The size of AccuWeather® (with a staff of over 95 meteorologists and a support team of over 250) allows for the best resources, technology, and quality of services, and at the same time has not lost its personal touch.

AccuWeather® by Telemet is available in two packages. The first package provides the new upgraded ski area form, tailored specifically for your ski area’s location, plus 24 hour a day localized graphics via the internet. These graphics include satellite images, NEXRAD radar, surface maps, and precipitation details. The second package provides all the above plus a weather station at your ski area, which provides more localized information. This allows AccuWeather’s forecasters to access this information and review it with the goal of obtaining as much information as possible regarding your location, allowing for more precise forecasts.

Ski areas from Vermont -US, to Torres del Paine – Chile, have enjoyed and benefited from this service, and Telemet hopes to help your ski area function at its best with our services, redesigned and improved with ski areas like yours in mind.

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