PistenBully 300W

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With the arrival of the PistenBully 300W, the new PistenBully generation that was launched with the Model 300 has grown.

Besides the innovations you are already familiar with from the basic model, the PistenBully 300W has further technical improvements that will pay off directly in your work:

  • greater economy
  • longer cable life
  • greater ease of operation
  • a higher level of safety

… for a new understanding of controlled power

Winch technology

For the PistenBully 300W, the mechanical friction clutch has been replaced with a patented hydraulic cable reel drive. This improves efficiency and significantly reduces the amount of maintenance required.

Equally new is the design of the cable reel and capstan head; it gives the driver a completely unobstructed view of the equipment, even when climbing slopes. Finally, the cable guide runs partially outside the winch arm, and the cable is now run directly onto the capstan head after being guided over just two idler pulleys.

Full power ahead

Of course, the general rule applies here as well: even the greatest power is wasted when it is not used in a controlled manner. That is why we have equipped the PistenBully 300W with an improved electronic cable pull measuring device for the analog indicator and control system. The full cable pull is now available over the entire speed range. Its constant curve is adjusted by potentiometer and controlled electronically. The cable pull is transferred directly to the vehicle’s main frame via the winch attachment points. Here too, the new weight-saving frame design and the winch arm, which can be folded hydraulically, making maintenance easier.

…for a new understanding of convenience and safety

The cockpit for professionals

Start the engine. Turn on the winch. Select your cable pull value. Now you are ready to prepare the slope. That’s how things ought to be. And to ensure they are that way, we have set up the controls in a clear, ergonomically layout and installed every worthwhile convenience. One example is the potentiometer setting — you can choose between manually selected or automatically controlled cable pull ranges:

  • Open-loop control ranges from 0 to approx. 1 metric ton of cable pull (extremely sensitive, for instance when reeling in the cable)
  • Constant closed-loop control in the range from approx. 1 to 3 metric tons

Safe all around

Today, there are many aspects of safety, both active and passive. For us, safety also includes a restriction of the travel speed to 13 km/h when the winch is in use. This is a matter of common sense as far as the safety of people and of the vehicle is concerned. But we have made other improvements too — they include:

  • Acoustic and visual warning signal when the end of the usable cable length of 1,000m is reached
  • Emergency stop device on the steering column cover
  • Electric shut-off when the winch arm is folded
  • Electric release of harness-type seatbelt on the driver’s side
  • Polycarbonate protective glass across the entire windshield
  • Flood lights on the winch arm
  • Maximum cable pull as a safety reserve regardless of the position of the winch arm
  • Extremely straightforward operation, to lessen the strain on the driver, who can concentrate fully on the surrounding terrain
Pisten Bully