PistenBully 100 All Season

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The PistenBully 100 All Season is a vehicle that can be used anywhere on roads or in off-road terrain.

Thanks to its very low ground pressure, the PistenBully 100 All Season can be used where vehicles with wheels have reached their limits.

Within the permitted attachment moments all municipal and agricultural attachments with three point suspension category 2 are possible. With hydraulic connection 130 HP are available and with power take off connection at 1,000 rpm 90 HP are available for driving the attachments.

With a wide range of different chain tracks there are practically no limits for the application of the PistenBully 100 All Season.

There is no problem with working on moist territory and in lightly-forested areas.

On its loading platform, with a maximum useful capacity up to 1,850 kg, depending on the model of vehicle, various features can be mounted, such as a cabin for 8 persons, a loader, excavator attachments, trench cutters, plant hole drillers, fertilizer spreaders and spraying attachments. The large front windscreen on the comfortable 2-person cabin allows the attachments at the front to be conveniently watched over.

Around curves the full driving force is available on both tracks and the standard track contra-rotation permits turning on the spot.

Thanks to the precise and sensitive controls and hydraulics, the entire hydraulic performance is available for driving the attachments at creep speed. The following attachment carrier that can also be swung out, protects the working units and the ground. A slope balancer for work on contours is possible. Due to the low centre of gravity, the hill climbing ability is up to 100%, depending on the ground surface.

The Unique Specialist Machine

The new PistenBully 100, like the larger models in the program, is far more than just a ski trail preparation machine. It features the same high quality and performance as they do. It’s highly economical to operate, versatile and totally reliable.

With its spacious, well-equipped cabin, the PistenBully 100 is in a class by itself at the lower end of the size scale. The engine now has an output of 170 horsepower (ECE). With its electronic management system and its reduced fuel consumption and emission values, it represents a major technical breakthrough.

Pisten Bully