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The PipeMagician is a patented lightweight, universal tool for preparing half pipes and fun park elements. It can even be used, as recently in Saas Fee, for building 4.6-meter high superpipes.

One of its advantages is the exceptionally light, straightforward construction made possible by the new patented drive system. The driver has an optimum view of the working area. The low overall weight makes handling much easier and the drive system operates with little noise or vibration.

Due to the PipeMagician’s patented three-part segment design, the transition between the half-pipe floor and the radius section can be longer. Since the device can be folded to within the vehicle’s overall outline, the PistenBully with PipeMagician can be parked in the usual garage.

The PipeMagician operates with the aid of scraper, snow transport and snow compacting elements. These can be exchanged easily and are fixed to an endless chain. This is driven by two hydraulic motors by way of two rubber-lined friction cable pulleys. The running speed of the system elements is controlled by a potentiometer. Another patented feature: the PipeMagician can be slued; in this way, the left and right sides of the half pipe can both be prepared uphill, which considerably improves the result.

The PipeMagician can be displaced 450 mm to the side (another patented feature) for shaping perfect, straight half pipe walls. Worn areas of the half-pipe can be leveled without having to use the vehicle’s steering. By tilting the PipeMagician, a half-pipe for amateur or professional events can be produced. A standard display informs the driver when the desired tilt angle is reached.

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