PistenBully 300 ParkBully

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In close collaboration with experts, Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG has developed the ParkBully on the basis of the PistenBully 300. Its tailor-made overall design and improved kinematics permit even more versatile working in enclosed areas with the available blade and rotary snow tiller attachments.

The ParkBully has everything that the latest PistenBully 300 has: a new Mercedes Benz diesel engine, xenon headlights, a new, heated deluxe seat for the driver, wipers heated by the engine coolant and for the first time on a snow grooming vehicle, a radio-operated remote-control central locking system.

The front quick-release attachment system and the rear equipment carrier have been improved for the ParkBully. The new kinematics now permits extended movement of the attachments. The lift-out height of the blade has been increased by 40 percent. The blade pivot area on the ParkBully is 72° and that of the snow tiller as high as 106°. A practical advantage is that the clearing blade can be set to a very low position.

Other details also make the ParkBully a most convincing answer. With the relevant safety regulations taken into consideration, the tiller can be switched on when it is lifted. This is perfect for preparing half pipes.

The front and rear attachments are controlled by joystick on the ParkBully. The blade in particular can now be controlled almost like an extended arm. Thanks to the coupled hydraulic system, all the main attachment functions can be controlled simultaneously with one hand.


  • All the important front and rear attachment functions are controlled with one hand at a joystick.
  • The front quick-change system and the rear equipment carrier have been revised for better results in extreme working conditions.
  • The discharge blade has been increased by approximately 40%.
  • The coupled hydraulic system allows auxiliary equipment to be operated simultaneously.
  • The tiller can also be activated in raised position if all the necessary safety precautions are taken into account. This permits efficient processing of ramp areas.
  • An additional footrest in the driver’s cab makes it easier to turn around (for an improved view to the rear).
Pisten Bully