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April 2007 / Meteorology News

Hosted Weather Solution®

A tool that allows you to provide to your visitors the most up-to-date weather information, graphics and videos without having to worry about maintain your weather segment.

April 2007 / Meteorology News

Digital Signage

AccuWeather® by Telemet, Inc. delivers the best-looking weather graphics and the most accurate weather data to digital signage companies to enhance the value of their presentation.

April 2007 / Snow News

Didáctico, the most complete and comprehensive weather encyclopedia under the sun!

Whether you are a weather enthusiast, or your teacher has posted a-not-so-easy homework, come visit Didáctico, you won’t regret it.

April 2007 / Snow News

Mountain News Corporation

Focusing on improving the quality of our services and therefore the quality of weather data our clients provide to their own, we are now working with Mountain News Corporation.

April 2007 / Meteorology News

Elite weather forecasts for music festivals and films

Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance and an accurate forecast turn out to be a must.

April 2007 / Meteorology News

Web solutions for newspapers / interactive weather pages

Interactive Maps that allow your users to modify the displayed information while keeping the same look and feel of your printed publication.

April 2007 / Meteorology News

Video Forecasts

Videos are a must these days and we have every weather product available for your site, digital signage, or wireless service at your order.

March 2007 / Snow News

Third edition of Latitude 42 North Air Assault

On March 3 and 4, 2007 took place the third edition of “Latitude 42 North Air Assault” organized by Telemet, Inc. at his partner’s facilities Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl.

January 2007 / Snow News

Telemet´s Latitude 42º North Air Assault Event Continues Its Promotion of the Andes’ Ski Industry

This Year We Feature Valle Nevado Ski Resort, Chile.

December 2006 / Snow News

Chile’s Iquique Municipality Acquires BeachTech 2800

Top Service S.A. by Telemet has recently delivered the latest Beach Tech model, the BT 2800, to the Municipality of Iquique, Chile, for their beach cleaning operations. The city of Iquique is located 1871 kms. north of Santiago.

December 2006 / Snow News

La Parva ski resort expands its snowmaking capabilities

As part of the snowmaking master plan designed for La Parva, Telemet/Top Service has received La Parva's order to provide the ski resort with more Torrent pumping equipment, allowing to double its present pumping capacity. Additionally, it is purchasing SMI Wizzkids as well as a Semi-Automatic Wizzard snowmaker.

December 2006 / Snow News

Kid PoleCat, a Versatile New Snowmaker

Snow Machines, Inc. (SMI) is proud to introduce the Kid Polecat – a versatile new snowmaker with a powerful 7.5 HP fan y 15 water delivery nozzles that can be customized to achieve the perfect flow for specific weather conditions.

February 2006 / Snow News

Where the future of slopes preparation lies!

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG has launched the new PistenBully600 model, opening a new dimension in slopes preparation, in Technical terms as well as in Design.

January 2006 / Snow News

Latitude 42° north air assault

Telemet, Snow Division, continues the promotion in the Northern Hemisphere of the ski/snowboard industry of South America. This year we are presenting The Resort of Valle de Las Leñas, Argentina.

December 2005 / Snow News

Terra Networks from Spain hires Telemet/AccuWeather

The biggest Spanish Internet provider, has contracted Telemet/AccuWeather’ services for the provision of weather content and forecasts for

October 2005 / Snow News

Latinoamérica Televisión contracts our weather show

LATV, Latinoamérica Televisión, has contracted Telemet/AccuWeather services to provide Spanish weather content to their North American audience.

May 2005 / Snow News

La Parva’s Snow Making Project, advances

Torrent’s pumping plant was recently installed. The pipeline, hydrants and electrics (in pedestals or underground boxes) have either been installed or within schedule.

May 2005 / Snow News

The first PB200 Park Bully, arrives to Valle Nevado.

In the next weeks, Top Service S.A. by Telemet will deliver to Valle Nevado ski area their newest acquisition the Pisten Bully’s PB200 “”The Edge”" Park Bully snowgroomer.

May 2005 / Snow News

Ski Portillo Expands Its Snow Making System and Groomers Fleet

Ski Portillo, the first South American ski area to installing a complete snow making system in 1990, continues expanding it for 2005 season.

May 2005 / Snow News

Additional Demo Equipments for Viking, SuperWizzard and SuperPolecat

Top Service S.A. by Telemet is receiving additional demonstration equipments SMI Viking, SuperWizzards and SuperPolecat.

May 2005 / Snow News

Viking Snowtower on its way to Valle de Las Leñas

Valle de Las Leñas has 30 SMI Wizzards snow guns, the biggest fleet of low pressure guns in South America.

April 2005 / Snow News

Newmount acquires Additional Super Polecat Evaporators

Newmount Inc. acquires additional SuperPolecat Evaporatorsfor water processing at their operation Inti Raymi at Ocuro, Bolivia.

February 2005 / Snow News

Latitude 42° north air assault.

Latitude 42º event, was attended by more than 150 competitors in a weekend with more than 10.000 skiers and snowboarders.

January 2005 / Meteorology News

Telefónica Móviles España offers AccuWeather® by Telemet content to its subscribers has announced the development of an iMODE and a WAP site for MOVISTAR, the biggest carrier in Spain.

January 2005 / Snow News

Elite Business Weather, the correct answer for important matters.

Elite Business Weather is a business-weather report exclusively done for Your Company, by Telemet/AccuWeather.

January 2005 / Meteorology News

Your Weather “on the go” with®!

Along with AccuWeather, Telemet prepares wireless weather content for your clients with wireless devices, including cell phones, Palms, PocketPcs and other wireless devices.

January 2005 / Meteorology News

The most sophisticated Weather Shows are now available in Spanish

The Weather Team concept allows your station to have complete weather shows, prepared and presented by expert meteorologists using the very latest graphics equipment available.

January 2005 / Meteorology News

Increase your presence in your DMA with AccuWeather’s Franchise for your TV Station

Boost your newscast ratings being the only one in your DMA to have the most powerful name in weather.