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January 2011 / Snow News

Portillo expanded their fleet acquiring their second PistenBully 400 Winch

Portillo Ski Area bought their second PistenBully 400W unit model 2011 which will be delivered by Telemet Sudamerica during this coming fall.

December 2010 / Snow News

Chilean Ski Industry Visits Kässbohrer/PistenBully

Telemet and Kässbohrer realized a series of conferences for all of the Chilean ski areas. Meetings were held in the factory where the PistenBully models are manufactured.

September 2010 / Snow News

Ski area Nevados de Chillán acquires a PB300

The ski area Nevados de Chillán received at the end of August their newest snowgroomer PistenBully PB300.

August 2010 / Snow News

Corralco Ski Area is growing; purchases a PB300W

Corralco Ski area has started an expansion process for which they have bought their first PistenBully PB300W snowgrooming machine.

June 2010 / Snow News

25 BeachTech™ units removing oil from Gulf Coast beaches

After a series of successful tests and proof-of-capability demonstrations on Gulf coast beaches, BP purchased 25 BeachTech™ beach cleaning machines.

January 2010 / Snow News

Chapa Verde Ski Area acquires its first PB300

We want to congratulate Chapa Verde Ski Area, located in the Rancagua region from Chile, for acquiring their first PistenBully model PB300.

December 2009 / Snow News

The Municipality of Zapallar, V Region, Acquires a New BeachTech 2000S

This new unit BT 2000S, acquired through the process of a public tender, was already delivered to the Municipality of Zapallar (Chile’s Fifth Region) for its immediate use during the summer season 2009-10.

October 2009 / Snow News

Kodiak Northwest Snow-blower for DGAC from Chile

During September 2009, as a result of having won a public tender, Telemet Sudamerica delivered two Kodiak Northwest snowblowers to the Civil Aeronautics Agency of Chile.

March 2009 / Snow News

The first PB100 Arrives to Chile

Telemet Sudamércia S.A. y Cía. Ltda. announces today the arrival of the first PistenBully 100 to Chile for Anglo American Sur, S.A. operations in Santiago, Chile.

November 2008 / Snow News

Codelco La Andina and Anglo Disputada Purchase The First 4-PB600 Polar For Chile

Two of the biggest mining operations in Chile have placed an order for four (4) PB600 Polar snowgroomers, “Mining Edition”, for their high mountain operations.

November 2008 / Snow News

Portillo has acquired the first PB400W in Chile

Portillo Ski area from Santiago, Chile has acquired from Telemet Sudamerica a brand new PistenBully 400W model 2009. This is the first acquisition in its type for Chile.

April 2008 / Snow News

New acquisitions of PistenBully’s equipment from Chilean Ski Areas

El Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevado Ski Areas from Santiago – Chile, have acquired from Telemet Sudamerica three new PistenBully models year 2008.

April 2008 / Snow News

Valle Nevado continues to expand its fleet acquiring a PB 200 Park Bully model 2008

The Ski Area Valle Nevado from Santiago, Chile, has acquired from Telemet Sudamérica a new PistenBully 200 Park Bully, model 2008.

April 2008 / Snow News

Ski La Parva increases its snow-grooming fleet acquiring a PB 200 Park Bully year 2008

La Parva Ski Area from Santiago, Chile, has acquired from Telemet Sudamérica a new PistenBully 200 Park Bully of 2008 edition.

April 2008 / Snow News

El Colorado Ski Area Acquires a PB 300W-2008

The Ski Area El Colorado from Santiago, Chile, has acquired from Telemet Sudamerica a new PistenBully 300W of 2008 collection to be delivered for use at this coming winter season 2008.

March 2008 / Meteorology News

Interactive Weather Pages

Make your weather page come alive as your users receive up-to-date weather information through an interactive map.

March 2008 / Snow News

Latitude 42° north air assault

On March 1 and 2, 2008 took place the fourth edition of “Latitude 42 North Air Assault” organized by Telemet, Inc. at his partner’s facilities Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl.

October 2007 / Snow News

First Integrated Center in South America, dedicated to mountain engineering and environmental technology.

Telemet are announcing the opening of the first integrated center in South America.

July 2007 / Snow News

Valle Nevado Acquires a PB 300W-2007, for immediate delivery

Valle Nevado Ski Area from Santiago, Chile has bought from Top Service by Telemet a new Pisten Bully 300 W, year 2007, with immediate delivery to be used this winter season.

April 2007 / Snow News

A better way to control Dust and Odor

Dust Boss: The leader in dust control solutions for the demolition & construction industries.

April 2007 / Meteorology News

Hosted Weather Solution®

A tool that allows you to provide to your visitors the most up-to-date weather information, graphics and videos without having to worry about maintain your weather segment.

April 2007 / Meteorology News

Digital Signage

AccuWeather® by Telemet, Inc. delivers the best-looking weather graphics and the most accurate weather data to digital signage companies to enhance the value of their presentation.

April 2007 / Snow News

Didáctico, the most complete and comprehensive weather encyclopedia under the sun!

Whether you are a weather enthusiast, or your teacher has posted a-not-so-easy homework, come visit Didáctico, you won’t regret it.

April 2007 / Snow News

Mountain News Corporation

Focusing on improving the quality of our services and therefore the quality of weather data our clients provide to their own, we are now working with Mountain News Corporation.

April 2007 / Meteorology News

Elite weather forecasts for music festivals and films

Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance and an accurate forecast turn out to be a must.

April 2007 / Meteorology News

Web solutions for newspapers / interactive weather pages

Interactive Maps that allow your users to modify the displayed information while keeping the same look and feel of your printed publication.

April 2007 / Meteorology News

Video Forecasts

Videos are a must these days and we have every weather product available for your site, digital signage, or wireless service at your order.

March 2007 / Snow News

Third edition of Latitude 42 North Air Assault

On March 3 and 4, 2007 took place the third edition of “Latitude 42 North Air Assault” organized by Telemet, Inc. at his partner’s facilities Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl.

January 2007 / Snow News

Telemet´s Latitude 42º North Air Assault Event Continues Its Promotion of the Andes’ Ski Industry

This Year We Feature Valle Nevado Ski Resort, Chile.

December 2006 / Snow News

Chile’s Iquique Municipality Acquires BeachTech 2800

Top Service S.A. by Telemet has recently delivered the latest Beach Tech model, the BT 2800, to the Municipality of Iquique, Chile, for their beach cleaning operations. The city of Iquique is located 1871 kms. north of Santiago.