Municipal vehicle attachments

The Schmidt range of municipal vehicle attachments is the ideal complement for municipal utility vehicles because of its ease of assembly and high efficiency.

Reflector post washer RPS-H

The RPS-H cleans not only easily reachable reflector posts and crash barriers. The particular construction of the easily mounted extension arm also facilitates problem-free cleaning of the reflector posts, which are mounted behind crash barriers and thus difficult of access. The washer is placed at the side and front thus permitting excellent visibility at all times. The brushes can be brought into working position quickly and easily.

Road sign washer HB

The HB road sign washer is easily operated with a manageable pistol grip. The water supply is regulated with a lever in the hand-grip. The rotating washing brush is activated by the flow of the water, without any other power supply. Behind the brush, a sleeve protects the arm against a possible back-flow of the water.

Water barrels

The WF 280 water barrel pump makes it possible quickly and conveniently to fill a water barrel mounted onto a Unimog with water taken from streams or ponds.

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