Multipurpose Transporter

A pioneering concept. Carrying loads instead of pulling them. This principle is more relevant than ever and speaks unambiguously in favor of Transporters. Because in comparison with a combination of towing vehicle (tractor) and trailer, the Transporter is simply more compact and better able to cope with sloping terrain and hill-climbing. The power to weight ratio is better and the more even weight distribution on front and rear axles results in better traction over all four wheels – and above all, less ground damage. The common features of Aebi Transporters: all models and versions are extremely efficient, safe, maneuverable, easy to maintain and long-lasting. They represent the new Transporter generation with more elegant lines and well-conceived operator comfort.

TP 48

The Aebi TP48 Transporter is inexpensive, small and compact, yet packs a big punch! It enjoys great popularity: on the one hand, of course, for its simple and robust engineering and on the other for its modest external dimensions (fitted with the smallest tire option, the TP48 is no more than 1720 mm wide).

Viatrac Aebi VT450 Euro 5

The brand new Aebi Viatrac VT450 with the new developed hydro pneumatic independent suspension on the front and rear axle works outstandingly giving the vehicle the driving comfort of an off roader. The powerful drive is provided by nearly 100 Hp turbo diesel engine gives a top speed of 45Km/h. The option of all-wheel steering with the possibility to switch from front to rear to quasi crab steering is also available. The synchronized 4 speed trans-mission with stages and half gears gives 16 forward and 16 reverse gears. The permanent 4 WD with lockable differentials on the front and rear axle combined with the hydraulic torsion damping and the switch-able and lockable independent suspension allow for a safe drive in the most difficult terrain or slopes.

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