If there would be snow, come to us

The Snow Service Division of Telemet Inc. focuses primarily on winter resort operations and other mountain activities in South America, but it also covers other unconventional international markets.

Since its conception in 1989, it is recognized for its unorthodox approach to the market. Its consulting mandate consists in absolute simplicity and common sense by taking advantage of existing aspects of an operation before implementing new spending. The Snow Service Division not only assists in increasing business by maximizing all its resources, but it also cooperates in the development of the industry as a whole.

While providing snowmaking systems, snowgrooming machinery and other related equipment, the Snow Service Division works in conjunction with a wide array of associated companies, supplying their state-of-the-art technology and adapting it to the customers’ needs and possibilities. Our expertise is additionally enhanced through our partnership with Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl, “The Snow Capitol of the World” and one of the leading ski resorts. Mr. David Slutzky, our Vice-President for Snow Operations, is also one of the partners in this resort.

The Snow Service Division is committed to providing its clients and the entire industry with the best information and resources available, allowing them to grow and prepare for future development. Accordingly, it organizes on a regular basis highly praised Snow Seminars for management and operational Personnel with the most qualified speakers in the field.

Telemet Sudamérica (Top Service by Telemet) is our associate company in Santiago, Chile. It was established as a result of an increased need to provide our regional customers with a higher level of attention and technical support.

Mr. Cristián Elgueta, General Manager, heads this operation in the Southern Cone. He is supported by highly trained personnel with extensive, detailed local knowledge. Telemet Sudamérica can be contacted via email at topservice@telemet.com, by phone: (562) 356-2735, or by fax: (562) 356-3822.

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