Surveys of hundreds of hotels and resorts indicate that traveling guests are interested in the weather, and how it may affect them.

  • 7 Days Forecast for Your Location
  • Flight Delay Potential due Bad Weather Conditions
  • Regional Forecast

A pinpointed, concise and accurate forecast! Your guests will be able to plan their stay and know ahead of time what to expect in their way back home. Our Travelers Forecast informs on any potential flight delay. We also offer you the option to include your custom logo and personalized message, as well as a Color or B&W option!

If you wish to get the forecast in 2 languages, the second one is at a 60%of the original price. For additional languages please contact a representative.

We also offer discounts for multiple locations, full year in advance and special pricing for hotels with less than 100 rooms.

Extras and Accessories:

Desk or Wall Mount

If you have less than 100 rooms contact us! We have a special offer waiting for you!

Weather Services