Formatic 350: Expansion of the PistenBully family

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Snow groomers by the Formatic brand are amongst the pioneers of vehicles designed to operate on snow. The Formatic brand belongs to Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG since 2008. The acquisition allows Kässbohrer to complete its range of products designed to prepare cross country ski runs and ski slopes, and strengthens the global company’s position.

In the best of company.

Technically top of its class, absolute precision and extremely easy and comfortable to operate. Kässbohrer snow groomers are impressive in any situation. And are up to any challenges that are thrown at them. From the PistenBully Scout to the PistenBully Paana to the PistenBully 600 Polar, the king of the snow groomers, Kässbohrer has a solution for all fields of operation in traditional and modern slope preparation work.

Especially important is PistenBully’s global network of dealerships and service centres. The network guarantees delay-free operational capability, permanent availability and maximum value preservation for your vehicles.

Formatic 350 – the most cost-effective vehicle in its class.

Its amazing climbing capability, high work rate and extremely comfortable driver’s cab make the Formatic 350 a solid vehicle for slope preparation. Even in difficult snow conditions, it shows off its well thought-out construction to dramatic effect.

Using its massive hydraulic pumps, the Formatic 350 transfers its 350 hp direct to its tracks, enabling it to climb any slope absolutely effortlessly. Its stable and powerful clearing blade easily pushes even the heaviest quantities of snow to the side.

Precise and sensitive steering.

All of the Formatic 350 attachments can be controlled right down to the last detail via the fully proportional “Load Sensing” controlled operational hydraulic system. This means that several different hydraulic functions can be carried out simultaneously and that no loss of speed is caused by their separate movements.

State of the art on-board electronics.

The Formatic 350’s tried and tested “Super Vision” Can Bus electronics system guarantees absolutely precise operation both on the slope and in the Terrain Park. It is possible to control all tiller automatic functions as well as the manual operation of blade and tiller via the “Sen Select” multi-function joystick using “Super Vision”. In the Terrain Park, operations are made many times easier by the patented Auto Tracer tiller control function as well as by the facility provided by the Can Bus electronics system to align and save all necessary functions and settings. The integrated „Easy Drive Command“ includes several automatic functions which, with its numerous programmable settings, make ascending and descending the slopes a great deal easier. But “Super Vision” offers a lot more besides: When the vehicle is being serviced or when seeking to identify faults, the entire on-board electronics system can be examined and re-set without the need for a laptop.

Perfectly prepared slopes.

The Formatic 350 “Snowrobot” Triflex tiller lays perfect slopes – irrespective of the snow conditions. The two-way finisher, with blades mounted one behind the other; together with the hydraulically adjustable side flaps prepare each track with no obvious overlaps.

Comfortable and safe.

The Formatic 350 comes as standard with a centrally-located driver’s seat and harness seatbelts. Two passenger seats provide space for additional personnel. The vehicle is controlled via sticks. A steering wheel can be provided as an option. Added safety during day-to-day operations is provided by the electrically heated all-round windscreen in the vibration-free ROPS-certified cabin; cooling water-heated front wipers as well as six H3 front spotlights; four additional working lights; four rear spotlights and two spotlights on the attachment carrier to provide illumination directly behind the tiller. And the MP3 compatible CD radio, complete with Sound Boost System, ensures also that the driver can have some fun while he is working.

The all-round care-free package.

The Kässbohrer service concept: with more than 130 service facilities and local representations worldwide, rapid support and spare parts supplies are guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks in the year. What’s more, we offer a service which provides training, consultancy and shows, allowing exchange of experience, greater background knowledge and thus more independence for you. A partnership with the promise of success!

And those who know us also know that PistenBully are not only low on service, but high on economy too. In development, we have already tackled the need for outstanding performance, long lifetime and low ongoing costs. A snow groomer from Kässbohrer pays today, tomorrow and beyond.

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