Custom Made Mining Lift

The Lif-Track/PKS custom-made lifts equipment for mining in particular, have specialized systems with a capacity of over 100,000 lb (37.3 tons) and are custom made to fit each client needs.

DustBoss DB-100

The DB-100 is the largest DustBoss ever designed. With its muscular 60 HP motor and user-definable 359˚ oscillation, the DB-100 has a throw of more than 100 meters, giving the machine a coverage area of an incredible 280,000 square feet.


The SCHMIDT Group, which is active world-wide and has an international service network, offers made-to-measure solutions for all possible de-icing operations.

Snow clearance

SCHMIDT’s modern ploughing systems in their many variations provide for well-cleared roads at all times. Besides their enormous clearing capacity, they also stand out for their high degree of user friendliness and low maintenance.

Automatic Tire Chains

Everybody benefits from Onspot. You can meet your delivery deadlines and create a better working environment for the driver. You keep your good reputation and avoid unnecessary costs. Road safety is improved and human lives are saved. Real benefits and real savings.

SMI® Puma Snowmaker

The new Puma® snowmaker has been developed with input from customers, service technicians and sales reps, with a goal of maximizing production over a wide range of conditions, especially in marginal temperatures.

BeachTech 3000

When perfection in beach maintenance is required, the BeachTech 3000 need fear no competition. It fulfills all the technical, ecological and economic demands required of a reliable beach-cleaning vehicle.

HKD Tower Snowgun

The HKD Tower Snowgun has been developed and proven over twenty years of rigorous testing and operation. Designed to provide maximum efficiency, ease of operation, and low maintenance.

The PistenBully 600

The PistenBully 600 has come up with a wealth of first-class technical equipment – ergonomics, drive comfort and ease of operation are always in focus.

A strong and dependable companion… PistenBully 400

Technically top of its class. Extremely easy and comfortable to operate. Absolute precision. The PistenBully 400 possesses all the features which are essential for work on the roofs of the world.


The PipeMagician is a patented lightweight, universal tool for preparing half pipes and fun park elements. It can even be used for building 4.6-meter high superpipes.

Elevator of vehicles LIF-TRACK

Access to the undercarriage means your mechanic will have the room to work easier and more thoroughly.

SMI Super Wizzard Snowmaker

The Super Wizzard is easy to use and will be the first Snowmaker to start and last to stop at your resort.

SMI® Kid PoleCat

Your customers won’t even know when it’s running on the slopes, but they’ll get to experience the great results!

Innovation and Experience

Kodiak Northwest is a leading custom manufacturer of all types of snow removal equipment.

Where the future of slopes preparation lies!

The PistenBully 600 has come up with a wealth of first-class technical equipment – ergonomics, drive comfort and ease of operation are always in focus.

BeachTech Marina

Due to its articulated steering and the additional rear wheel steering, the two-seater BeachTech MARINA brings new standards of agility and maneuverability to the beach

BeachTech 2000

Maneuverable and compact, our smaller Beach Tech model 2000 is especially suitable for the maintenance of medium-size sections of beach and inaccessible areas

420B Evaporator

The Evaporator has been designed to help to solve the served water problems associated to the industrial processes.

DustBoss DB-30

A better way to control Dust and Odor.The DB-30 was designed for hostile industrial environments.

Weather Services for Construction

Save you money, manpower, equipment, and operating expenses. Know when severe weather is going to hit your job site.

Weather Services for Television

There are weather graphics companies. There are weather forecasting firms. There are electronic weather data services. Only one company does it all.

The World’ Largest Weather Database

AccuData is AccuWeather’s award winning weather database – the largest of its kind anywhere in the world.

Services of Weather for Newspapers

Your readers will benefit from your using the most credible name in the weather business.

Weather Services for Airports

Products designed and customized for the needs of transportation-related services.

Weather Services for Agriculture

Be notified before severe weather hits with pinpoint local forecasts and warnings


Telemet’s international translation centers await the opportunity to meet any and all of your professional translation needs