Cleaning and protecting your environment. BeachTech, the most efficient, professional beach cleaning equipment.

BeachTech 3000: Perfect Tool for Heavenly Beaches

When perfection in beach maintenance is required, the Beach Tech 3000 need fear no competition. It fulfills all the technical, ecological and economic demands required of a reliable beach-cleaning vehicle.

BeachTech 2800

The BeachTech 2800 is our answer to the demands of many municipalities for a beach cleaner that is able to clean very large beaches but is clearly smaller in its dimensions than the BeachTech 3000.

BeachTech 2000. A Jack of all Trades

Maneuverable and compact, our smaller Beach Tech model 2000 is especially suitable for the maintenance of medium-size sections of beach and inaccessible areas, such as for example between sunshades or deck chairs.

BeachTech Marina

Due to its articulated steering and the additional rear wheel steering, the two-seater BeachTech MARINA brings new standards of agility and maneuverability to the beach.

The beach cleaner BeachTech Sweepy Hydro

The BeachTech Sweepy Hydro beach cleaner is the efficient, low-cost supplement to our larger beach cleaners, the BeachTech 3000, BeachTech 2800, BeachTech 2000 and the self-propelled BeachTech Marina.