Cleaning and protecting your environment

The Environmental Division offers effective tools to improve the quality of our natural resources. It provides equipment and service mainly for three distinctive areas: wastewater treatment for mining and industrial operations for the South American market, a complete line of beach cleaning units for the shores of the Southern Cone and an innovative line of products for the demolition, construction, transfer stations, composting, wood processing and scrap industries.

The SMI Evaporator (developed by Snow Machines, Inc., a leading snowmaking company for over 20 years), has gotten an excellent reception from specialized industries since its introduction, just three years ago. The Evaporator can be operated in high desert temperatures as well as in high mountain freezing conditions.

The professional beach cleaning equipment BeachTech, is manufactured by Kässbohrer A.G. of Ulm, Germany. The models BT2000, BT2800 and BT3000 can be found at all the best beaches throughout Europe, North Africa, Asia, the United States, the Caribbean and South America. These units provide high efficiency and great cargo capacity with maximum economy and minimum maintenance. We also offer BT Sweepy, a smaller unit ideal for less extensive jobs around hotels, walkways, playgrounds, and public parks.

The DustBoss equipment developed by Dust Control Technology® leader in dust control solutions, comes to the market in two presentations committed to creating a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. DustBoss30 and DustBoss 60 deliver outstanding results for endless applications.

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