Telemet, Inc. was founded in 1988 with the purpose of providing AccuWeather® weather services to the international market. Since then, Telemet has grown and diversified into different areas. The initial founder, Mr. Tief Pujol, continues to this day as President & Managing Director.

Efficiency through Simplicity has been Telemet’s motto since its conception. This principle guides every decision and the overall operation of all our divisions. Efficiency is achieved by providing the best products and services with our extensive, unique know-how. Simplicity is one of our most distinguished traits – it keeps us striving for a cleaner, simpler, meaner operation.

Located in the Catskill Mountains of New York, USA, Telemet,Inc. has applied its unique knowledge of international local idiosyncrasies to its growth and is an active participant in the global marketplace. Telemet has expanded gradually and consistently into several well defined but interactive divisions:

The Weather Division of Telemet provides AccuWeather® services and products to companies throughout the world. Our customers include the media, Internet, utility companies, and a wide variety of other industries. AccuWeather® supplies weather services to over twenty thousand customers around the globe and offers information in a wide spectrum of formats. Telemet’s weather division is also the exclusive distributor of AccuWeather® services for all ski areas around the world.

The Snow Service Division of Telemet, along with its associated leading companies, has been providing consulting services to ski areas in South America since 1989, and has earned an outstanding reputation in the industry. All aspects of snowmaking, snow grooming and ski area operations are within the area of expertise of the Snow Service Division. It offers consulting, engineering, financial and planning services, and the best products available, tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

Our expertise is additionally enhanced by our partnership with Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl, “The Snowmaking Capitol of the World”, and one of the leading ski resorts. Our Vice-President for Ski Operations, Mr. David Slutzky, is also one of the partners in this resort.

The Snow Service Division is committed to providing its customers and the entire industry with the best information, tools, and resources available to allow them to prepare for their future development. Accordingly, it organizes on a regular basis highly praised Snow Seminars for management and operational personnel which are attended by the most qualified speakers in the field. Our associated company, Top Service S.A. of Santiago, Chile, contributes to and supports our operations in the Southern Cone’s regions with highly trained personnel and extensive local knowledge. This operation is headed by Mr. Cristian Elgueta, who has been associated with Telemet since 1991.

The Environmental Division provides equipment for wastewater treatment to mining operations in the South American market, as well as a complete line of beach cleaning units for the Southern Cone.

The Linguistics Division was originally created as an in-house operation to provide a more comprehensive service to our international weather customers. With the passage of time, it has expanded into a specialized translations service with a new extended customer base. This service is especially valuable for any company looking to expand into the international market. Telemet’s highly trained professional translators work to return translated documents as quickly as possible and have experience handling various types of text. Telemet’s translation services are available seven days a week, all year round.

The Content Division of Telemet, creates high quality content with dedication, commitment and discipline, maximizing our profound know-how. Two of the products created by this division are: AccuWeatherGlobal.com® which is a source of rich weather content dedicated for all type of websites, blogs and companies throughout the world; and AccuWeather®WeatherCyclopedia which is the most comprehensive weather encyclopedia in the world, available in 2 languages and in 2 different platforms, as an Apple app and as an online website.



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